Adobe Pagemaker 7.0.2

Publishing software for Windows 2000, it can create documents and allows for pdf creation

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    Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows NT

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    6.6 (1097)
Adobe Pagemaker 7.0.2
Adobe Pagemaker 2014

Create pages for organizations or businesses using Adobe Pagemaker.

This is a program that is useful for businesses of all types as well as schools and organizations that need to design pages, brochures, pamphlets or books to distribute to others or to share online. You can also make posters and fliers with the large variety of tools that the program offers. There are numerous templates to choose from if you aren't sure how to get started as well as a variety of font designs. You can easily change the size of the font that you use and customize the colors of the pages that you create, such as the color of the letters or the color of the background. There is also an assortment of graphics that you can add to the pages you make to give them life and to bring out the message you're trying to get across.

There are other options available, but you have to pay for them if you want to use them. However, the free program has plenty to offer for designing. A menu on the side of the screen offers tips and ideas for creating pages. There are several special effects that you can use to create movement on your pages as well as clip art and other details that will make your pages stand out from others that are online and that are included in magazines or books. At times, the program might seem overwhelming. However, if you use the templates until you can figure out how to position the information on the pages the way that you want it to look, then you can get better acquainted with the program and what it has to offer so that it's easier to use on a regular basis.


  • Numerous design tools
  • Expert quality
  • Templates available


  • Pay for some features
  • Can be challenging

Adobe Pagemaker is a professional quality design suite that enables the creation of brochures, fliers or posters. It comes loaded with a host of templates, fonts, styles and graphics that make it easy to create pages that have amazing visual appeal. This is not a program for amateurs, and many will be put off by its complexity.

This is a very expensive program, and there are many other options out there that provide similar benefits for a fraction of what Adobe charges. However, this is the same software that professional graphic design, advertising and marketing firms use on a daily basis. Amateurs and beginners will find that it takes a while to explore all of the functions and features that are available in this package.

However, the software comes with a lot of effects, clip art, fonts and templates that can simplify the design process and help anyone to produce a decent advertisement in a short amount of time. Using these tools may simplify the design process, but it will be hard to fully tap into the power and functionality that this powerhouse of a program really has to offer.

I have to admit that I was completely lost when I started using Adobe Pagemaker. I ended up downloading and exploring the features of some other products that are designed for the casual user instead. I think that this is one program that is best utilized by experienced professionals, but I am also not a full-time designer or graphic artist. I prefer simple tools that allow me to point-and-click my way through the design process, whereas this software is intended for creating things from scratch.

This software is also very system-intensive, requiring a good processor and a lot of extra memory to work without lagging and freezing. There is a lot of documentation available, but there are not many tutorials or easy to follow instructions that can help beginners to get their feet wet. This program is simply way over my head, and I don't have the time to sit down and learn how to use it properly.


Professional-quality program

Full of design tools and resources

Stable and powerful

Made by Adobe


Difficult to learn how to get started

Very resource intensive

Incredibly expensive

Not for beginners or casual users

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